Peppermint Jumpsuit by In the Folds


I remember the first time I saw an adult wearing a romper, probably in 2009, and I was incredulous at the thought of adult rompers being the future of fashion. AND YET HERE WE ARE.


To be fair to 2009 me, the only options for rompers back then were mostly larger versions of rompers for babies and they didn’t seem practical or stylish. Plus, we call them “jumpsuits” now and I think that makes the idea of a one piece outfit a lot more palatable.

I’ve been wanting to add a jumpsuit to my wardrobe for quite some time now but didn’t know where to start. I have about a dozen patterns bookmarked for inspiration but earlier this year I started seeing the jumpsuit pattern by In the Folds (in collaboration with Peppermint Magazine) popping up EVERYWHERE and I decided that it would be the one to start me on jumpsuits. It’s a free pattern and the nature of the pattern lets it be dressed up or down pretty easily, so I knew I could choose a cheaper fabric that would make the overall cost of a brand new wardrobe addition be a little less daunting. If that makes sense.

I ordered three yards of this olive green Brussels washer linen, which made the project about $30 in supplies and therefore perfect for a starter jumpsuit. Brussels washer linen is my new favorite fabric to work with and I’m wondering why I was buying linen/cotton blends all this time. Brussels washer linen is way less wrinkly and breathes really well, which makes it perfect for a garment that covers your entire body.


I started out by making a very quick muslin after doing a little bit of research on Instagram and finding one taller sewist that regretted not adding an inch or two to the torso. The extra two inches I added were NOT necessary for me and I ended up with the crotch literally down to my knees, so good call on testing that one out on a muslin. After I ruled out adding any length to the pattern the only modification I made was adding pockets, which I pretty much now automatically do to all patterns that don’t already have them incorporated.

The only thing that I might have done differently is to take some length and width out of the pants (I just wear it out with the legs cuffed), but I didn’t do it out in the end because I just wanted to be done and wear the jumpsuit the next day because I loved it SO MUCH. It is comfortable and unique. The two times I’ve worn it out I’ve gotten so many compliments, which was a huge confidence booster for me since it’s so different from my usual wardrobe staples. The first time I wore it out was to a women’s conference at church, so I dressed it up a bit with clogs and my Deer + Doe Mélilot (blog post on that one forthcoming… someday…). The second time I wore it was out and about with my kids at the playground, so I left off the waistband, which gives it a bit more of a dressed down look. I felt comfortable and mobile out on the playground, which is really important when you’re chasing around two kids. If I had enough yardage left I’d make matching play suits for my kids so we could traipse around like the von Trapps.


“Do you mean to tell me that my children have been roaming about Salzburg dressed up in nothing but some old drapes?” “Mmm-hmmm. And having a marvelous time!” 


I usually roll my eyes at clothing descriptions that talk about a garment transitioning seamlessly from day to night but this one really does! My original vision of this jumpsuit was to have a fun and different date night piece in my wardrobe but it’s proven to be way more versatile, which I love. The pattern is really well-drafted and has great instructions. I seriously can’t believe that it is free! It’s a good pattern choice for a confident beginner, I think (I’d say I’m an intermediate sewist at this point). It calls for installing an invisible zipper and an all-in-one facing using the burrito method and I think I’ve done both of those before when I was way less experienced than I am now, and Emily of In the Folds makes these trickier features very painless with great illustrations and a lot of detailed instructions. I hadn’t ever installed an invisible zipper by basting first, which she suggests, and this was my first time installing a zipper correctly on the first try! I totally credit her instructions for that 🙂


* * *

P A T T E R N : Peppermint Jumpsuit by In the Folds

F A B R I C : Brussels washer linen blend by Robert Kaufman

M O D I F I C A T I O N S : Added pockets

O V E R A L L : Well-written instructions and well-drafted pattern; endlessly adaptable (can dress up or down, change width of pant legs, crop, add/remove waist tie or belt, etc.); FREE!


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